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Digital Nomads Embrace the Unknown in Medellín

Digital Nomads Embrace the Unknown in Medellín

The Global Express Business Center Co-Working Space Becomes Home for 30 Days

Ever since the start of Global Express’ conception, creating a relaxing, professional space to work but also to collaborate, network and integrate with Colombian life and its culture was a foundational mission on which our design team embarked.

The ultimate aim: to create a welcoming experience introducing outsiders of all kinds to the City of Eternal Spring, perfectly epitomized by the diverse nature of the group we’ll be hosting throughout February and March. Unsettled is a group of over 20 entrepreneurs from different parts of the world who each packed their suitcases with their laptops and bare necessities and headed to Medellín, ready to fill them with experiences to take back home.

After much preparation over the past few months, each individual will be embarking on their own unique adventure, spending over 30 days making the most of what this wonderful city and its outskirts has to offer. All while enjoying a complete change in their workplace scenery and new nuances to their business ideas, enriching their creative processes and connectivity with fellow entrepreneurs and outwork-looking individuals.

This is the concept behind Unsettled – individuals totally committed to their own projects but with an adventurousness and curiosity that draws them beyond the bubble, to explore the world together with fellow entrepreneurs, forming a community so close that it even recently impelled one member to have its name tattooed on her body.

There is obviously so much more to Unsettled, its philosophy, story, and the change makers behind it, as well as the travelers and their stories that now are part of a sustainable entrepreneurship project going around the world. They have created this corporate video that explains in more detail what this adventure is about:

We’d like to give an official warm welcome to this very special group that has allowed us to try to better understand the dynamics of cooperative work, a group that has challenged us to offer more than a welcoming space but also an immersive experience that embraces contact with the local culture and way of living.

Commencing with a welcome celebration organized by Michael Youngblood (founding partner of Unsettled) the weekend of their arrival, we got to share dinner with them in one of Poblados newest restaurants in Manila, one of the up and coming areas of Poblado just around Parque Poblado, with some great gastronomical, cultural and retail offerings.

The night continued just a few blocks from Global Express, wandering through the streets of Manila where we exchanged life experiences about our work, projects and cultural aspects of our countries, then finishing up at Victoria Regia – another new, buzzing bar/ events space that also happens to be a vegetarian restaurant just a block down on Calle 10 from Global Express. The craft beer festival they had put on during the day had unfortunately ended earlier than expected but we hope to take our friends to another event where they can delight their palates with the local brewery soon. Look out on our Facebook page and on Catalyst for similar upcoming events.

All in all, the night couldn’t have turned out better and left us very excited to welcome this group of entrepreneurs / travelers whom starting today will be part of the family of Global Express Travel & Business Center.

For more information about our Coworking space or any question related to Global Express Travel & Business Center, please contact us at

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