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The one stop shop for foreign visitors, tourist, workers, investors, executives, entrepreneurs and businesses offering all the fully-vetted services to fulfill your travel and business requirements.
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Afinitum - Global Partners

Use this exclusive service in Medellin and get highly personalized assistance to take care of all your needs during your stay in Colombia.


Expect the highest level of service, and attention to detail from the minute you begin planning your trip to Colombia, to the day you return home.


Whether it is business or pleasure, we facilitate any possible request our clients may have during their stay, from luxury properties reservations and exclusive travel plans to connect them with highly qualified professionals, government agencies and business opportunities.


Some of what we can help with: exclusive travel itineraries, dental & medical check ups and appointments, event planning & catering, translators & interpreters, best transport services, access to tickets & interesting exhibitions.

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[contact-form-7 id="15054" title="Plans Form"]