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Explore the top 3 Parks near Global Express for Fun and Fitness.

Explore the top 3 Parks near Global Express for Fun and Fitness.

El Poblado and Ciudad del Rio have everything to say goodbye to sedentarism.

Although our intention in Global Express is also to create work environments that favor productivity, we know that foreigners also come to Medellin to explore its fun streets, parks and cultural environments. For this reason, this month we have prepared an article together with Tres Primitivos, a cultural initiative that promotes movement, physical and mental activation and the transformation of our typical office lifestyle, sometimes excessively sedentary.

This is an invitation to explore places that are right here, a few blocks from our offices in El Poblado and that at first sight are only public parks, but in fact they are cultural activity hubs which we can take advantage of during the week to shake our bodies and get out of our desks for a short time, if only for 15 minutes a day. Now, if any of you are actually really encouraged by the idea of activating your bodies and minds, you can contact Tres Primitivos through their website or Instagram account, and they will be willing to shake your bodies and souls during any day of the week or even the weekend.

So without further ado, we present three outdoor spaces in the heart of Medellin, between El Poblado and Ciudad del Rio:

1. Parque Lineal La Presidenta:

And amidst so many buildings, where is the green that they name so much when talking about Colombia? It would be a little ironic that in Medellin, a city located in the midst of immense mountains, and with an almost perfect weather throughout the entire year, it wouldn’t be easy to find natural spaces to enjoy without needing to move to the outskirts of the city. Fortunately, the efforts of the local administrations to recover green areas within the city have been remarkable: this park, which borders on El Poblado Avenue and Lleras Park, was born as a project aimed at protecting the Quebrada La Presidenta, a project that also helped the mobility of pedestrians in this area.

Here you can walk along natural paths, pedestrian bridges in wood and gardens crossed by the sound of the Quebrada La Presidenta that descends from the eastern mountains of the Aburra Valley. The Park also has a covered area that has children’s games and machines for doing some physical dexterity. It should be noted that on Sundays, in this same space you can find the Farmers Market – Mercados Campesinos, a project of the Mayor’s Office of Medellin that seeks to support the producers of five municipalities bordering the city, generating a space in which they can offer fresh fruits, vegetables and many other types of food produced locally.

Here the experience of the outdoor activity ends with a banquet of fresh fruits, an experience without precedents that we consider a must if you visit Medellin.

2. Canal Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Telemedellín

This is perhaps our favorite, and although it is a little further away from the famous Calle 10 in Poblado, it is a perfect distance to warm up walking to this place or maybe doing some splits to leave you prepared for enjoying some physical activity in a space that is practically like a giant nursery in the middle of the city.

The Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez Park is a public park managed by Telemedellin, a local t.v channel which also has its main headquarters within this space. The park is open to the public every day from 6 am to 7 pm and has large areas for picnics, outdoor ping pong and public trails. Simply a perfect spot to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the city’s weather which is truly an eternal spring.

3. Parque Lineal Ciudad del Río

Finally, we believe that we can not skip to include this place located only 15 minutes walk from El Poblado Park, in an old industrial sector between the Manila neighborhood and the Colombia neighborhood and between El Poblado Avenue and Las Vegas Avenue.

This is one of the best parks since it has spaces to practice different outdoor activities ranging from skateboarding, pull up bars, trails surrounded by trees in a flat area (for uninterrupted jogging) and upstairs to practice some power exercises or just to rest after a good workout on Friday afternoon just before watching one of the films that the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin projects outdoors the last Friday of each month.
We believe that this is the additional attraction of this park, being located right next to perhaps one of the best museums in all of South America, the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art). For just over a year now the museum has had its new headquarters integrated with the park and the whole cultural complex which in addition to offering multiple activities throughout the year, has motivated an entire community and the government itself to turn this space into the ideal spot to bring together Medellin and its visitors around arts and culture.

So if you are passing through Medellin and you happen to visit us at Global Express, Tres Primitivos invites you to explore these and other places full of cultural wealth outside the typical tourist spots in El Poblado. After a day of hard work (or travel) who doesn’t want to squeeze a little time in to see all the magical corners of this city!

Click here to download your free PDF map of these awesome spots!

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